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Want to feature your garden on our community page? Any photo uploads can be sent to PBR’s email address or to and we may choose them to be featured in our PBR International Garden Community Page also Tag @pbr_int on FB and IG when sharing your gardening success online and you may be featured in one of our community posts.


We strive to create a gardening community that offer thoughtful garden ideas with abundant tips and advice with the latest eco-friendly features and pictures. We want your garden to be an inspiring part of your home that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.
Small Spaces, Biiiig Rewards

Small Spaces, Biiiig Rewards

If you live in an apartment or have a small space available for gardening, here are 5 reasons why you need a garden box: Say goodbye to messy, dirty...

Sensory Gardens

Sensory Gardens

What are they and how can you create your own sensory garden ? If you are a gardener, it is likely that you, like us, love to touch, smell and taste...

Benefits of community gardening.

Benefits of community gardening.

The vacant lot that they would ultimately turn into a vibrant community garden was overgrown with grass — grass that was taller than they were. They...

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