More prolific and even root growth

“Rooting is highly important for the growth and shelf life of the plant. Uneven, delayed, or a lack of rooting will have a negative effect on the nursery’s efficiency and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. So, prevention is better than cure.”

 According to Paul, Business Development Executive at PBR International, using plant rooting and growth stimulants is the solution. Over the years, they have achieved a lot of success with their Dynaroot, a growth hormone powder used to stimulate the fast and prolific rooting of plant cuttings. They see the demand growing and are continuously expanding markets.

Left: PBR International Product Range. Right: Cloning Method with DynaRoot Powder

The importance of good rooting of cuttings

Paul explains the importance of maintaining good cuttings by describing how low-quality cuttings can impact the product, cash flow, and efficiency of the nursery. He says, “Uneven rooting of cuttings can produce weak plants that are difficult to manage and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. Delayed rooting or lack of rooting can extend the growth cycle of cuttings and will have a negative effect on nursery efficiency. Poor quality or homemade rooting products with no shelf life and low solubility will cause varying results and will have a negative impact on management and labor efficiency.”

Fast and prolific rooting

“Dynaroot stable dry powder formulation with exceptional high purity of active ingredient (>98%) and are certified non-hazardous for humans, animals, insects, and the environment. On top of that, it has superior rooting efficacy when compared with similar products”, adds Paul.

Among others, the product showed greater results compared to the top European product during independent trials by Agro Research International B.V. in the Netherlands. Also, it was tested by the University of Pretoria and compared with several alternative products to deliver the best rooting results in each of those tests. Also, the growers that are using the product are pleased. See references below:

Rooting hormone powder – 3 concentrations

“Dynaroot rooting hormone powders contain indole-butyric-acid (IBA), a synthetic version of naturally occurring plant hormones known as auxins, usually produced naturally in the growing tips of plants. Hormones are needed by plants in very small quantities, so Dynaroot powders contain low concentrations of synthetic auxins in a ready-to-use powder.”

Various plant or rootstock types may require different concentrations of IBA, Paul explains. “Stone fruit, for example, will generally require higher concentrations than pome fruit, and softwood cuttings may require lower concentrations than hardwood cuttings. Using a concentration that is too high may damage the cutting, while a concentration that is too low may not result in good rooting.” Therefore, PBR International offers Dynaroot in three concentrations.

How does it work?

So, how does it work? Paul: “Choose the correct product (Dynaroot No. 1, 2, or 3) depending on the type of cutting to be rooted (Consult the respective product labels for a list of suitable plant species). Dip the lower 10-20 mm of the cutting in clean water and then in the Dynaroot powder. Direct contact with the cambium at the cutting surface is imperative to induce rooting. Tap the cutting gently on the side to remove excess powder and plant the cutting without rubbing any of the powder off.”

Co-founder of PBR International Pieter Breugem
Expanding markets

Established in 2004, PBR International has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants. While improving their products and seeking better and more innovative ways to supply the ever-growing market, several of the top nurseries in the Netherlands are already using Dynaroot at their African facilities. PBR International expanded, and they are currently exporting to countries such as New Zealand, Mauritius, Mozambique, Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc.

How do you get your ideal mix?

“Combining the conditions of a growing facility throughout the seasons with the products that are cultivated there requires expertise. That professional is PBR International. Technical experts visit the farms to accurately assess the condition and determine the precise blend that will be most advantageous for the grower. With the adjustments that PBR offers, the yield will be optimized in this manner. PBR performs the intricate calculations and simplifies them for use by any grower or breeder, wherever in the world.”

Environmentally Responsible

PBR International only sells non-toxic, ecologically friendly products. “Since the horticultural industry is growing, it is becoming increasingly crucial to state this,” he concludes.

Source: Floral Daily