DynaGro (8:2:6) is a non-hazardous, liquid fertiliser, containing all the required trace elements, ready to use plant food. DynaGro is suitable for all kinds of plants.

It is environmental friendly & harmless to bees, birds & animals.
DynaGro contains the following trace elements: Ca – S – Mg – Zn – Cu – Mn – Fe – Mo – B – C & Gibberelic acid.


250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 25 Litre


Longer shelf life.
Odourless (competitors’ products smell awfully unpleasant).
Less-expensive than its competitors
Does not solidify, like its competitors.
Specifically developed for the South African market. SA soil tends to lack the mineral Zinc. DynaGro has a higher Zinc content than our competitors, one of the reasons why DynaGro is rated so highly by its customers.



“I learned about your DynaGro product through a friend and I must thank you for making something so special available. The results are truly something to make a fuss about. “

– Christien Swiegers

Malmesbury Nursery

“We have been using DynaGro in our wholesale nursery for the past years. From all the liquid “fertilizer/boosters” DynaGro is definitely the best product we have used so far. Is does not only give excellent results but is price-wise very competitive. It is also backed up with excellent service. We are applying DynaGro as a foliar feeding, mist irrigation and soil application. All applications are giving excellent results and a clear improvement in our plant quality can be observed rapidly.”

– Johan Retief.

Hotel on Boulevard

“We are using DynaGro for all our plants on our premises, with excellent results.”

– Andrew

Material Safety Data Sheet

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