DynaGro™ (8:2:6) is a liquid fertiliser designed to provide plants with essential nutrients and trace elements, promoting healthy growth, strong roots, and vibrant foliage. The product contains a balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with trace elements such as calcium, sulphur, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum, boron, carbon, and gibberellic acid. Unlike hazardous fertilisers, DynaGro™ is safe to use around pets and children, and even bee’s.

DynaGro™ can be used as a plant nutrient on all plants, ranging from indoor to outdoor. DynaGro™ is perfect for orchids, cut-flowers, roses, lawns, vegetables, palms, pot-plants, shrubbery and flowering plants just to name a few.


DynaGro™ Features:
  • Long shelf life. 
  • Odourless – competitor’s products have an unpleasant odour. 
  • 100% free of animal by-products
  • More cost effective than its competitors. 
  • Does not solidify - unlike most competitors. 
  • Does not contain salt / chloride, which most notably causes root burn and precipitation.
  • Specifically developed for the South African market (SA soil tends to lack the mineral Zinc, DynaGro has a higher Zinc content than competitors, this is one of the reasons why DynaGro is highly rated by users. 
  • Locally manufactured, making it a proudly South African product

Benefits Of Using Root Growth Regulating Hormone Gel When Propagating Plant Cuttings:

Organic liquid fertilizers provide several benefits for plants, including:

✓ Soil Health: Organic liquid fertilizers help to improve soil health by adding beneficial microorganisms, organic matter, and nutrients to the soil. This leads to better soil structure, improved water-holding capacity, and better root growth.
✓ Nutrient Absorption: Organic liquid fertilizers are easily absorbed by plants, providing them with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are needed for healthy growth and development.
✓ Environmentally Friendly: Organic liquid fertilizers are made from natural materials and are free of synthetic chemicals. They are considered environmentally friendly and are safe for use in organic gardening and agriculture.
✓ Long-Term Benefits: Unlike synthetic fertilizers, which can quickly release a burst of nutrients, organic liquid fertilizers provide a slow and steady supply of nutrients over time. This helps to promote healthy and sustained growth and reduce the risk of over-fertilization and its associated problems.
✓ Improved Plant Health: Organic liquid fertilizers can help to improve plant health by promoting stronger root systems, more vibrant foliage, and improved disease resistance. They can also help to enhance the flavor, color, and size of fruits and vegetables.
✓ Enhanced Soil Biology: Organic liquid fertilizers can help to enhance the biology of the soil, providing a diverse community of microorganisms that are essential for soil health and plant growth.
✓ Reduced Runoff: Organic liquid fertilizers are less likely to leach into groundwater or runoff into streams and rivers, reducing the risk of water pollution.

By choosing organic liquid fertilizers, gardeners and growers can help to promote healthy and sustainable plant growth while also benefiting the environment.

Use & Applications


DynaGro™ is easy to use, and should be used as directed below:
  1. Shake well before use
  2. Dilute as required and apply
  3. Wash your hands after use

For Lawns – Shrubs – Flower Beds – Pot Plants: Mix 5 ml per 1½ litre water and water plants fortnightly or more frequently if required.

For Orchids: Mix 5 ml per 1½ litre water and water plants fortnightly or more frequently if required.

Soil application: Mix 20 ml per 1 litre water and apply 1 litre of the mixture

Foliar Feeding: 10 ml per 1 litre of water. Apply weekly.


“I learned about your DynaGro product through a friend and I must thank you for making something so special available. The results are truly something to make a fuss about. “ – Christien Swiegers

“We have been using DynaGro in our wholesale nursery for the past years. From all the liquid fertilizer/boosters DynaGro is definitely the best product we have used so far. It does not only give excellent results but is price-wise very competitive. It is also backed up with excellent service. We are applying DynaGro as a foliar feeding, mist irrigation and soil application. All applications are giving excellent results and a clear improvement in our plant quality can be observed rapidly.” – Johan Retief, Malmesbury Nursery

“We are using DynaGro for all our plants on our premises, with excellent results.” – Andrew, Hotel on Boulevard

Packaging & Minimum Order Quantity

DynaGro™ is available the following packaging sizes:

  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1 litre
  • 5 litre
  • 25 litre

PBR accepts the below minimum order quantities:

  • 250 ml units sold by the box, containing 24 units.
  • 500 ml units sold by the box, containing 6 units.
  • 1 litre units sold by the box, containing 9 units.
  • 5 litre units sold per unit.
  • 25 litre units are sold per unit.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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