DynaMist is a foliar additive that is formulated to improve the health of young plants during and after propagation, as well as to pre-treat mother plants. Its formula is designed to help young plants absorb nutrients more efficiently and to encourage healthy growth, disease resistance, and overall health.

The product contains ingredients that promote root growth and elongation of root hairs, which are essential for nutrient uptake. Using DynaMist on young plants can help prevent nutrient deficiencies and enhance overall plant health. In summary, DynaMist is a foliar additive that supports healthy plant development, particularly in the early stages of growth.


DynaMist™ Features:
  • It’s a safe & non-toxic blend of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and additives, which help prevent losses in the critical first few days when they are at their most susceptible and also helps prevent dehydration in your cuttings.
  • Shorter rooting times (transplant up to 10 days sooner).
  • Denser root mass (up to 156% more roots!)
  • Longer roots (up to 30% longer)
  • Significantly increases cutting success rates
  • Easy to use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Locally manufactured by PBR International, making it a proudly South African product

Use DynaMist Rooting Spray to pre-treat mother plants and as a foliar spray for propagating plants. It’s simple to use – you don’t have to dilute, just spray. It’s as easy as that!

Directions For Use

DynaMist™ is easy to use, just follow the simple steps explained below:

If possible spray the tips of the mother plant with DynaMist once or twice in the two weeks before taking cuttings.

  1. Take plant cuttings by making a clean diagonal cut just below the leaf node.
  2. Dip cutting into DynaMist and immediately insert cutting into your rooting medium of choice.
  3. Spray new cuttings with DynaMist and place them into a propagator.
  4. After 2 – 3 days mist the cuttings again.
  5. Repeat misting every two days, or whenever cuttings look dry.
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