Company Overview

Established in 2004, PBR International has managed to evolve into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants. Our success is due to our outstanding products, exceptional service, as well as our intensive pinpoint marketing and specialist support team.

We are exceptionally proud of the results of our products, as proven by independent trials. These trials proved, as certified, better rooting, and thus plant growth when compared to other products internationally.

Whilst improving our products and seeking better and more innovative ways to supply the ever-growing market, PBR International expanded and we export to countries such as New Zealand, Mauritius, Mozambique, Jamaica, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an international leader in the field of horticultural and agricultural remedies with special emphasis on the stimulation of plant rooting hormones and growth stimulants.

Our Values

A Dynamic Approach

We are never satisfied with the status quo and will always seek improvement and new ideas in our business, our product and our dealings with our clients.


Staying true to our business ethics and doing what is right by our clients is one of our important values.

Meaningfully Unique

Continual focus on realising our vision, supplying our clients with leading-edge products, building great relationships whilst having fun at work is what our value of being meaningfully unique is about.

Meet The Key Players

Gavin Van Aswegen, Elandre Vermeulen , Rowena Olivier, Paul Greve, Chanelle Peter

Gavin (Seated on the left) – Director with a key focus on financials, sales, marketing and strategy.

Elandre (Seated on the right) – Director with a key focus on production, product development, technical advice, new product sourcing, regulatory affaires and international growth.

Rowena (Standing on the left) – Office Administrator with responsibility for client liaison, office administration, telesales and ongoing accounting issues.

Paul (Standing in the middle) – Our key man in the production area, supervising staff and ensuring that product mixing, packaging, quality control, stock control and timeous completion of client’s orders according to schedule.

Chanelle (Standing on the right) – Business Development Executive who’s portfolio includes our social media, customer relationships, promotions & launches, data analysis and all national sales – new and existing.