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Established in 2004, PBR International has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants.

All products manufactured by PBR International are widely used in the Horticultural, Floriculture, Forestry and Agricultural sectors, golf courses, private and commercial estate developments, as well as garden lovers, who enjoy seeing the development of their own plant cuttings.

Propagation Bioscience research (PBR)Our Products: Dip & Root rooting hormone liquid, Dynaroot rooting hormone powder and gel, Dynagro liquid plant food (fertilizer), Dynamist cutting mist spray, Elsenburg mix fynbos rooting hormone, dynaball cloning ball.

Our Distributors & Retailers

We supply some of the largest production, commercial and retail nurseries as well as commercial distribution companies and supermarket chain stores in numerous countries.

Product Spotlight Moments

DynaBall cloning ball trials at SANBI - airlayering success with use of cloning balls
PBR International's Feature on Kyknet Onbytsake - The future of rooting hormones for plant propagation

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At PBR International, we take “growing your green game” to a whole new level! Our blog and YouTube channel is a treasure trove of plant propagation tips and tricks that will make your plants flourish like never before. Don’t be a “pruning procrastinator” or a “propagation newbie” any longer! Join our leaf-loving community and let’s propagate together. From seed-saving secrets to cloning wizardry, we’ve got your botanical journey covered. 

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