Dynaroot is a growth hormone powder, used to stimulate the fast & prolific rooting of plant cuttings. It’s active ingredient is Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA).

Dynaroot is available in 3 concentrations:

Dynaroot – No 1: Softwood cuttings.
Dynaroot – No 2: Semi-hardwood cuttings.
Dynaroot – No 3: Hardwood cuttings.

Packaging: 30g, 600g, 5kg, 10kg




Showed greater results compared to the top European product, during independent trials in the Netherlands.
Less-expensive than its competitors.
Several of the top nurseries in the Netherlands are already using Dynaroot at their African facilities.
Locally manufactured, making it a proudly South African product.


Oak Valley Estates

“Oak Valley Flowers is using Dynaroot No 2 as a rooting powder for our Chrysanthemum production. The product has given excellent results, both in winter & summertime. We have compared the rooting mass of cuttings using Dynaroot as a trial against our previous rooting agent. Dynaroot has come out tops and needless to say, all our cuttings are now rooted with Dynaroot. Dynaroot comes at a very competitive price and is strengthened with good sales and after-sales service. We can strongly recommend the use of Dynaroot, to those growers with similar requirements. “ – Ruhan von Wielligh.

Anro Floral Farm

“Herewith, we at Anro Floral Farm, say thanks to you for the quality products you supply us. The Dynaroot is used for about 1.000.000 Chrysanthemum cuttings per month, as well as Carnations and bedding plant cuttings. We wish you good luck with further products and will keep on supporting you!“ By – Jan Breeweg.


“This serves to confirm that Safropa (Pty) Ltd. is using Dynroot for the purpose of rooting Chrysanthemum cuttings at our nursery in Brits. The product was tested by the University of Pretoria and compared with a number of alternative products to deliver the best rooting results in those tests. Dynaroot also proved to be cost-effective and hence it was decided to switch to it as the only rooting powder to be used at Safropa. We are using the product for just over a year, to full satisfaction. “ By – Arend Doorduyn.

Agricultural Research and Extension Unit – Mauritius Dept. of Agriculture:

“Trials with Dynaroot were executed at our Abercomnie Forestry Nursery of the Ministry of Agriculture, to evaluate the effect of rooting hormones Dynaroot 1, 2 & 3. for the propagation of ornamental cuttings. The results obtained, have shown that Dynaroot gives a higher take in cuttings such as Laurel, Ficus and Bougainvillea as compared to the control (traditional rooting hormone, used at the nursery. “By – Mrs. I Rama.

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