Dip & Root

Dip & Root is a liquid growth-regulating hormone concentration, used to stimulate fast and prolific rooting of plant cuttings.
Its active ingredients are Indole-3- Butyric Acid (IBA) & Napthyl Acetic Acid (NAA).
Dip & Root is used on the more “difficult to root” plant cuttings.
Dip & Root is widely used in the fruit tree industry, forestry rose growers & in general nurseries.


10ml, 500ml, 5 litre




Less-expensive than its competitors.
Has been widely tested, over a period of many years with outstanding results.
Induce prolific better rooting on all difficult plant cuttings.
Has a sterilisation component, resulting in preventing fungus damaging the cutting.


Bristle Cone Wholesale Nursery

“…We started using your Dip & Root rooting stimulant and so far have excellent results.
Your price is also very competitive. Hope we can do a lot of business in the future.“

– Leon Scholtz.

Malmesbury Nursery

“Hereby and indication of the results we reached with using Dip & Root on Plumbago capensis, blue. We never could get a striking rate of more than 30% on Plumbago.
With the Dip & Root, we obtained a 90% rooting, which is excellent.“

– Johan Retief.

Agricultural Research and Extension Unit – Mauritius Dept. of Agriculture

“Trials with Dip & Root were executed at our Abercomnie Forestry Nursery of the Ministry of Agriculture, to evaluate the effect of Dip & Root, for the propagation of ornamental cuttings.
The results obtained, have shown that Dip & Root gave a higher take in cuttings such as Laurel, Ficus and Bougainvillea as compared to the control (traditional rooting hormone, used at the nursery. “

– Mrs. I Rama.

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