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PBR International Fine-Tunes Growth Regulating Prescriptions for Breeders and Growers

The Unique Selling Point of a leading manufacturer and supplier of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants.

By: THURSD. | 18-08-2022 | 4 min read

In less than two decades PBR International has managed to evolve into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of horticultural plant rooting and growth stimulants. Independent trials show again and again better rooting, and thus better plant growth when compared to other products internationally. How do they manage this? The answer is both simple and unique: fine-tuning. This is how every breeder and grower in the world can get its own perfect mix of growth regulators.

PBR International’s Fine-Tuned Prescriptions

There is an enormous diversity in products bred and grown by the breeders and growers on this planet. Every product has its own specs, characteristics, and an ideal climate. There are enormous differences geologically from country to country, continent to continent. It is not hard to imagine that for growth-regulating solutions one size does not fit all. This needs a dynamic approach.

This is exactly what South African producer PBR International does: create the perfect mix for each and every breeder, grower, and product.

The Flagship Brand: Dynaroot

Products manufactured by PBR International are widely used in horticulture, floriculture, forestry, and the agricultural sectors, golf courses, private and commercial estate developments, as well as by garden lovers, who enjoy seeing the development of their own plant cuttings.

Yet, it all starts with the basic product line, Dynaroot. Dynaroot is used to stimulate the fast and prolific rooting of plant cuttings. Besides the results brought by the Dynaroot products, they are also one of the most affordable products of their kind currently on the market.


How to Get Your Perfect Mix?

It takes a specialist to thoroughly combine the circumstances of a growing facility throughout the seasons and the products that are grown in that location. PBR International is that specialist. The technical advisors visit the farms to make a spot-on report of the situation and the precise mix that would benefit the most for the grower. This way, the yield will be optimized with the tweaks that PBR presents.

PBR does the complex measurements and boils it down to a simple solution for any grower and breeder, anywhere in the world.


Environmentally Friendly

All products by PBR International are non-toxic and tested as environmentally friendly. This is becoming more and more important to mention since the horticultural world is looking very much for sustainable solutions, either because of their own policy or because of the increasingly strong demand of the markets they sell to. There is no getting around the environmental issues anymore anywhere in the world of breeders and growers.

PBR helps breeders and growers to make the move toward compliance that is necessary for its (future) business.


More prolific and even root growth

More prolific and even root growth

“Rooting is highly important for the growth and shelf life of the plant. Uneven, delayed, or a lack of rooting will have a negative effect on the nursery’s efficiency and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. So, prevention is...