Small Spaces, Biiiig Rewards

If you live in an apartment or have a small space available for gardening, here are 5 reasons why you need a garden box:

  1. Say goodbye to messy, dirty gardens with lots of weeding, pruning and overgrown plants. A Garden box is fun, creative and beautiful!
  2. Get the kids involved with growing, cooking and eating more fresh food – it’s easy and they love taking part!
  3. Even non-gardeners love it – there is something special about growing and harvesting your own crops.
  4. If you’ve struggled to do gardening, because you need to bend down and do back-breaking labour just to get results, you can leave all of that behind with a garden box.
  5. You can grow and eat more fresh food. A garden box is the best way to produce lots of edibles in less space.

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More prolific and even root growth

More prolific and even root growth

“Rooting is highly important for the growth and shelf life of the plant. Uneven, delayed, or a lack of rooting will have a negative effect on the nursery’s efficiency and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. So, prevention is...