June Newsletter


In a world-first for South African food, the European Commission has approved the
registration of the designation ‘Rooibos/Red
Bush’ in its register of protected designations of origin and protected geographical indications. What this means is that no manufacturer, which has sourced their ‘Rooibos’ tea outside of designated local municipalities of the Western and Northern Cape cannot claim that tea as Rooibos. France has Champagne, Ireland has Irish Whisky and now South Africa has Rooibos!
This is a big plus for our local food economy!


Talking about “a big plus”, something that we are very proud of and that is most definitely a big
plus for PBR International and our clients is the launch of our new Factory shop that is now open to the public! When we said that we had new and exciting things in store for PBR International, we were not kidding! We are stocked with all our products at reduced prices, so if you are in the area and want to have a look, feel free to pop in some time. We accept cash, Visa and Mastercards.


Our DynaBalls are flying off the shelves, with more and more people seeing the benefits of using this small device for propagation.
We did some trials ourselves on a lemon tree and the results were amazing!
Don’t forget that we have a special running at the moment of R7.00 ex Vat on your first order of 500 units or more.


If you have ever called our office, chances are the first voice you heard was Rowena. Rowena has come a long way with the company, from the days when our office and factory were in Pringle Bay. She focusses on our telesales and book keeping so If you have any product or accounts related queries, please feel free to give us a call. She loves hearing from you.

Q & A

Q: Dear PBR International,
There is so much talk about this DynaBall that is used for air layering. How exactly do we use it?
A: Dear Reader,
Great question! Our DynaBall is easy to use and if you use it in conjunction with our rooting hormones you will see amazing results within 14 days (depending on the type of plant you are cloning)

1. Strip approximately 4cm of the tree bark and dust with the DynaRoot rooting gel/powder.
2. Fill both sides of the DynaBall with a soil medium of your choice.
3. Place the DynaBall over the exposed part of the tree and close securely with cable ties.
4. In 14-21 days, cut the branch below the cloning ball and plant in its permanent home.

More prolific and even root growth

More prolific and even root growth

“Rooting is highly important for the growth and shelf life of the plant. Uneven, delayed, or a lack of rooting will have a negative effect on the nursery’s efficiency and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. So, prevention is...