April Newsletter


Did you know that the birth flower for April
is the Daisy? According to the “Language of flowers” the Daisy brings a message of innocence and purity and signifies happiness, transformation and simplicity.
Daisies are a rich source of Vitamin C and can be used in salads, soups and even sandwiches. Daisies have also been known to be used in homeopathy to speed recovery after surgery and to ease backache.
It looks like the Daisy is the Jack of all trades in the plant world.


PBR International has teamed up with the Jiffy group. We are now able to supply you with not only the very best rooting hormones and fertilisers that you have come to know and love, but also the highest quality planting substrates and pots. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be kept up to date with everything that is happening at PBR International.


When you place an order with PBR International, our team in the warehouse work very hard to make sure that you receive your stock as quickly as possible. At the forefront of this, managing the warehouse team is Paul Greve. Paul originally comes from the tourism industry, the skills he picked up there has helped streamline PBR
International’s dispatch process. Paul is also an avid baker over the weekend and many times the team at PBR International are treated to yummy baked goodies.


The team at PBR International is always striving to bring you new and innovative ideas and we are very excited about what we have in store for you. We are busy with a launch that is going to revolutionise the way farmers and growers in South Africa look at air layering and propagation. Stay tuned to this space for more information on what it is and when it will be launching.

Q & A

Q: Dear PBR International,
I am an amateur gardener at home and have just started growing my own cannabis. I want to propagate my own plants from the mother plant but I’m unsure as to what rooting hormone to use. There are so many choices on the market, can you please help me make the right decision?

A: Dear Reader,
You are right, there are so many rooting hormones on the market now and choosing the right one can seem daunting. PBR International has a gel rooting hormone (DynaRoot) that has been specially enhanced to work magic on your cannabis plants. There have been independent trials done which have proven that if you are looking for more growth and better flavonoids out of your cannabis plant then DynaRoot gel No.2 is the product for you. The DynaRoot Gel is only available to the end user at the moment and is not yet in retail stores, so please contact us at info@pbrtrading.com for more information.

More prolific and even root growth

More prolific and even root growth

“Rooting is highly important for the growth and shelf life of the plant. Uneven, delayed, or a lack of rooting will have a negative effect on the nursery’s efficiency and may cost growers a significant amount of additional labor or even crop loss. So, prevention is...