DynaRoot Powder

DynaRoot is a root forming hormone powder used for the rapid stimulation of all types of plant cuttings.
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Quantity: 30g
Manufacturer: PBR International (Pty) Ltd
Made in: South Africa

DynaRoot Powder is an easy to use rooting hormone powder formulated by PBR to improve the strike rate of cuttings taken to clone new plant material.

DynaRoot is available in 3 concentrations for softwood, semi-hardwood and hardwood cuttings and is also available in various quantities.

Dynaroot No1 is designed for Soft herbaceous cuttings like Inpatients and certain succulents and increases the strike rate to well above 90%. Dynaroot No2 is then designed for Semi Hard wooded cuttings like Roses, Hydrangeas and Fuschias. These plants are easy enough to identify as they have a layer of secondary thickening or first layers of Bark that have developed Rooting Potential is around 60-70%. Dynaroot No3 is for Truncheons, Large Woody cuttings and air layering of larger plant material like tree cuttings. Strike Rate for this will only sit at around 20-30%. Dynaroot is a concentrated blend of Plant hormones Auxin and Cytokinin, which are readily taken up by the plants.


Highly effective plant growth hormone powder

Used to stimulate fast & prolific rooting of plant cuttings

It's active ingredient is Indole-3lbutyric Acid (IBA)

Several of the top nurseries in the Netherlands are already using Dynaroot at their African facilities.

One of the most affordable products of its kind currently on the market.

Locally manufactured, making it a proudly South African product. (Manufactured and supplied by PBR International)

Showed greater results compared to the top European product during independent trials in the Netherlands


Cuttings: Moisten the lower tip of the cutting and dip this into the powder, shake off the excess powder and plant in the chosen growing medium.

Yamadori: Clean the edges of the cut roots. Using a damp brush dipped into the powder paint it onto the green, living tissue. The powder should ideally be slightly pasty.

Layering: After removing the bark from below where roots are desired clean the cut with a sharp blade. You can put a zig-zag pattern into the uppercut to increase the surface area from where roots can emerge. Paint Dynaroot #3 onto the edge all around the trunk or branch using a damp brush. The powder should be slightly pasty when applied for best results.

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