DynaGro is a ready-to-use, non-hazardous, liquid fertiliser, suitable for all kinds of plants.
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Quantity: 250ml
Manufacturer: PBR International (Pty) Ltd
Made in: South Africa

Dynagro is a ready to use liquid plant food. This 100% environmentally friendly liquid fertiliser contains all the required trace elements and is suitable for all types of plants.

DynaGro can be used as nutrient on all plants, and is perfect for roses, orchids, cut-flowers, lawns & shrubs, vegetables, palms, pot plants, and flowering plants, among others.

It was specifically developed for the South African market - SA soil tends to lack the mineral Zinc and DynaGro contains a higher Zinc content than it's competitors, which is one of the reasons why DynaGro is highly rated by our customers.



Does not coagulate

100% free of animal by-products

Does not contain salt / chloride, which most notably causes root burn and precipitation.

Does not solidify.

Locally manufactured, making it a proudly South African product. (Manufactured and supplied by PBR International)

This highly effective liquid plant fertilizer contains the following trace elements:

Ca – S – Mg – Zn – Cu – Mn – Fe – Mo – B – C & Gibberelic acid.

Directions for use:

For roses / orchids / lawns& shrubs / flower beds / pot plants: Mix 5ml DynaGro per 1.5L water and water plants fortnightly or more frequently if needed.

Soil application: Mix 20ml DynaGro per 1.L water and apply 1L of the mixture per 1m².

Foliar Feeding: Mix 10ml DynaGro per 1.L water and apply weekly.


"I learned about your DynaGro product through a friend and I must thank you for making something so special available. The results are truly something to make a fuss about." – Christien Swiegers

"We have been using DynaGro in our wholesale nursery for the past years. From all the liquid fertilizer/boosters, DynaGro is definitely the best product we have used so far. Is does not only give excellent results but is price-wise very competitive. It is also backed up with excellent service. We are applying DynaGro as a foliar feeding, mist irrigation and soil application. All applications are giving excellent results and a clear improvement in our plant quality can be observed rapidly." – Johan Retief, Malmesbury Nursery

"We are using DynaGro for all our plants on our premises, with excellent results." – Andrew, Hotel on Boulevard

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